1) Good to Great by Jim Collins 

2) Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Ries and Trout

3) Aftermarketing by Terry Vavra

4) All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin

5) Differentiate or Die by Jack Trout

6) Purple Cow by Seth Godin

7) Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell

8) The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

9) Staying Streetsmart in the Internet Age by Mark McCormack

10) Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

11) Veeck as in Wreck by Bill Veeck and Ed Linn

12) Branding Unbound by Rick Mathieson

13) The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

14) The Entertainment Economy by Michael J. Wolf

15) The Customer Comes Second by Hal Rosenbluth

16) On Selling by Mark McCormack

17) The NASCAR Way by Robert G. Hagstrom

18) A New Brand World by Scott Bedbury

19) EVEolution by Faith Popcorn

20) The Perfect Sales Force by Derek Gatehouse

21) The Starbucks Experience by Joseph Michelli

22) Trading Up by Silverstein and Fiske

23) Microtrends by Mark J. Penn

24) Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

25) Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

26) Tell to Win by Peter Guber

27) The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

28) Rainmaking Conversations by Mike Schultz

29) The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose

30) The Man who Sold America by Jeffrey Cruikshank

31) Onward by Howard Schultz

32) Hug Your People by Jack Mitchell

33) Chasing Cool by Kerner and Pressman

34) The 100 Best Business books of All-Time by Covert & Sattersten

35) There’s a Customer born every minute by Joe Vitale

36) Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

37) The Marketing Gurus by Chris Murray 38) Brand Sense by Martin Lindstrom

39) The Branding of MTV by Paul Temporal

40) A.G. Spalding and the Rise of Baseball by Levine

41) Pour your Heart into it by Howard Schultz

42) What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School by Mark McCormack

43) Ice to the Eskimos by Jon Spoelstra

44) Salesman from the Sidelines by McCready Houston

45) The Nordstrom Way by Spector & McCarthy

46) The Experience Economy by Pine and Gilmore

47) Fun is Good by Mike Veeck

48) The Power of Who by Bob Beaudine

49) Geeks and Geezers by Bennis & Thomas

50) Grown up digital by Don Tapscott

51) Total Engagement by Reeves and Read

52) Game-based Marketing by Zichermann and Linder

53) David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

54) The Logic of Failure by Dietrich Dorner

55) Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

56) Great by Choice by Collins and Hansen

57) Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

58) Icon by Young and Simon

59) Making Meaning by Diller, Shedroff and Rhea

60) Free by Chris Anderson

61) Changing the Game by Edery and Mollick

62) The Business Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo

63) The Art of Immersion by Frank Rose

64) Peak by Chip Conley

​65) The Connected Company by Dave Gray
Doc Sutton’s 65 Favorite Business Books (and counting)